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PowerTeacher & Firefox error
Is anyone else seeing a browser error in the lower left-hand frame of the PowerTeacher page when teachers sign in using Firefox? This just showed up today, and we can't see the entire message. Safari is fine but Chrome shows what looks like a broken link symbol, which probably explains the error.

We don't have a custom home page for PowerTeacher. Just curious if anyone else is seeing this. Thanks!
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2 Responses to "PowerTeacher & Firefox error"

I am seeing the same error type graphic popping up after teachers log in via either Firefox or Chrome (although the graphic displays differently in each browser).  Safari is fine for us as well.

Whatever the error thing is, it does not seem to affect PowerTeacher functionality.

Thanks for mentioning this, Jane.  I am sure I will be hearing about it from our Firefox users.  Now I can just tell them to ignore it.

Thanks for the response, Ray. Glad we're not the only one seeing this error. Must have something to do with the last update ...
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