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Class Rank Issue
I have ONE student in 12th grade who shows "not ranked" in her cummulative information when I am in the high school within PS.    However, when I transfer to the District office, and look her up her class rank then shows in the cumm info.  In addition it shows up on her counselor dashboard. Any idea why or what I can do to fix this?   

When I print a transcript her class rank does show up.  It is different than the one showing in the "district office" mode.  So the problem is getting worse.   :-)   (The one showing up on counselor dashboard and district office match, but do not match what is showing on transcripts). 
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3 Responses to "Class Rank Issue"

We are using a 4pt gpa to figure class rank:


We haven't had problems before! 

I deleted the class rank that I ran recently then re ran class rank.  She now shows not ranked when in the high school, for both cumm info and counselor dashboard, but her ranking shows at the district office.     And, the transcript does not match the screen info.   (This is true for other students too).   My transcript has this for the class rank code:

4 Pt GPA Rank: <TABTO 1.875>^(*classrank method="4PTGPA-Cum" result="rankof") 

I found the error.   I guess having to ask everyone makes my brain work better! 

Have a good day! 
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