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New gradebook launch method
Is anyone else having trouble getting the new gradebook launch method icon to appear on the PowerTeacher page?  We have the desktop icon, just not the one in PowerTeacher.

According to support mine does not appear because I have customizations.  When I turn off customization it does appear.  They cannot (will not) give me any idea which customization  could be affecting this.  I really don't think I have customized anything on PowerTeacher except the log in page.  I reverted that to the original and it did not help. 

If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.  Otherwise the only suggestion support could offer was to revert every customized page individually until I hit the right one!

Thank you!!!
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If you click into System/ System Settings/ Global Server Settings

There is a PowerTeacher Gradebook settings link : which if it is selected for Windows / Both or whatever, it will only allow you to download and launch that way.

If it is set to none, it will return to normal.

Try that

When I go to the global server settings page the only options I see for PowerTeacher Gradebook Settings are:

Secure Server SSL
Server Host name or IP Adress
PowerTeacher Gradebook Socket Timeout (Minutes)


If you are running 7.10.x the "Enable alternate deployment method for PowerTeacherGradebook" link is in Global Server Settings.  With 7.11 they removed it.  There is a "Gradebook Launcher Installers" link in System Settings but that is only to down the installers. You could try using one of those for the installs.

Kris, I had to undo all of my custom pages in the teacher portal.  I was unable to find the particular one, and it was getting tedious, so I took out all teacher custom pages, and then it would work.   I hope to add them back in one by one, and see if I'm ok with each one...soon... The alternative was to turn off customizations, but that is not something I want to do, we use so many different ones. I did notice that turning them off allowed the gradebook to install and work, so that's when I went in and took them out of the teacher pages. I started one by one, but was not finding the exact one, so ended up taking them all out for now.

Thank you Joan, that verified what support told me.  Bummer!!!

If anyone figures out which custom page is the one causing the problem on their PS server, could you please post it? It might help someone else, even though we all have different customizations. Thanks!

Do any of you still have teachers on 10.6.8?   The new app will not install on that system.  I will try to attach a screen shot.

Kris and Jane, I have been adding back in my custom pages with no issues so far.  If I come to one that affects the install page again, I'll let you know.  

Thank you Joan, you are awesome!!!

Joan did you ever find the page that affects the launch gradebook icon?  I just found that if a teacher clicks on the seating chart on the attendance page the icon appears!   WEIRD!!!!!
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