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Page and Data Management
When I have customizations turned on I cannot see the "Page and Data Management" link.  I can get to that page by going through the "Custom Fields and Screens" link, but that is a pain.  Has anyone else encountered this and have any idea how to fix it?  Thanks!  I wish PowerSchool would just play nice with customizations!
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I upgraded three of our backup/test servers and only one exhibited this problem. Makes me a little leery of upgrading our production server. Please let me know if you figure this out.

Alan Bone
Westside Community Schools

The page that is customized is admin/tech/home.html. I'm not sure what customization you have loaded that has modified that page. I would compare the customized System page with the stock System page (customizations turned off) and see what is different. Then you could go to the customized admin/tech/home.html file and find the customized code that adds the extra features to your current page, copy it and paste it into the new admin/tech/home.html file.

PowerTools, if installed, is on that page.  I found that this is what did it to me when I realized Page and Data Management wasn't showing up.  I made a custom page and put the link to PowerTools (along with others) there.

If you install the new powertools you do not need to customize the home.html page anymore  (it used to have a setup for ps6 and ps7 that was not page fragment friendly)

The customization now has a page fragment in the folder that will automatically add the link. The page fragment is home.powertools.content.footer.txt file.
When I updated I had 2 PowerTool showing up I just removed the customized home.html and that fixed my problem.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I got it!  I don't know how I would survive without this site and everyone's willingness to help!
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