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PS 8.0??
I was seeing emails back in June and the beginning of this month that 8.0 will be installed on our system (We are hosted by Pearson) the 2nd week of July. It is still not done Does anyone know when the systems hosted by pearson was going to get done? I saw a requested if you did not want it done or a later day but that was it. 
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Anyone else having an issue with "Smart Search" in PS 8.0.1 ?

Use to be when this was ENABLED & we start typing a students name it would start showing students, now it won't show students until I hit enter.  This is a real issue if I am not sure of how to spell a name & it is not handy to type B and sort through everyone....

And I could of swore we saw a nice feature when you Select Students by Hand that I saw Check Boxes so we did not have to hold down the CTRL key to make multiple selections.

Click on Personalize on the left side of the main page and check the Interface options to see if they are what you want.

I noticed this on your server this weekend. I unchecked enable smart search then submitted and rechecked and submitted  and it still did not work. I would recommend restarting PowerSchool as the first step. 

The smart search works on 8.0  I have not updated to 8.0.1 yet if it breaks it I sure don't want to update.  On 8 you also have the check boxes for select students by hand.  Is it gone on 8.0.1.

It is only on their server that I have seen this problem. Smart Search is working on 8.0.1 on other servers. The new select students by hand is working on their server even though the Smart Search isn't (ie: names and fields don't automatically pop up when letters are typed in the search box). They are waiting till the end of the day to restart PowerSchool.
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