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SPED Report
Has anyone noticed that the State/Province screen has changed.  The field for Alternate assessment prompts you to answer  "No for all student below Grade 03" but does not allow you to choose No as an answer.  I thought that maybe when I ran the report it would populate with a 2 but that is not the case....the field comes out blank.  (This is for just the student's screen I have changed this year....the screen that hasn't been touched is pulling correctly.)
When I looked on PowerSource at the Nebraska Extract Guide, it shows that the alternate assessment field is not being collected (Line 23) but the state documentation indicates that it is (which I believe). 

One more thing, when I extract the report it is still pulling column 48 for Surrogate Appointed.  In the 14-15 template instructions, it is no longer asking for that information.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.  I know I could manipulate the data once it's been extracted but would like it to come out right from PowerSchool.
I appreciate this group!

Lori Peters
Logan View Public Schools
Tags: NSSRS  State Reports
6 Responses to "SPED Report"

I stopped putting that info into PwrSchool and pull it straight from SRS (found out some things were "lost in translation" from what was in SRS  on the IEP & the info our teachers gave me to put into SRS  (IE % of time with regular peers -vs- sped peers ---some people read that kind of question differently and have #'s from different areas of the IEP)
The SRS export pulls it exactly as it is in the IEP.
One problem in that though is if there is an error (or "red mark" in SRS) that student will not pull on the NSSRS export until that is corrected.  We are finding it is usually the IEP is just over 1 year or the MDT is just over 3 yrs.  
So might need to get in the habit of uploading to NDE monthly to keep those current.  Hope that helps...& hope I don't run into issues with the way I do it...Thanks!

You need to open a case up in PowerSchool so Dawn Colon our state person can fix it .  
I have not updated my State reports yet so I have not run any reports yet.

Thanks Suzanne...I can sure open up a case.  Do I just do it through PowerSource and tag it a state reporting issue or do you have a way to contact Dawn directly?

Open it through PowerSource then send the case number to me and I can let her know.  We have to open the case first for her to be able to work on issues.

I just tried to upload the SPED Snapshot and could not get it to validate.  It told me my Entry and Exit reason codes were incorrect.  I sent a help ticket and this is the response I received:
"For some reason your template that you used for the Special Education Snapshot is not compatible for the 2014-15 School year.  There were some changes made in the template and so I had to take out a couple columns. 
One that you had was a Surrogate Appointed Code (48) and then the Primary Entry Reason (51) did not need to be completed.

Apparently they neglected to make Pearson aware of these changes.  Suzanne, maybe you could approach this as well when you talk to our rep at Pearson.

Gotta love state reports!!!   Have a Great Weekend all!

The case number I created for this issue is:  01906226
Thanks Suzanne!
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