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Summer Drivers Ed
How do any of you handle putting Summer Drivers Ed into PS? I thought I'd create a summer school, but that turned into way too big a job for just a dozen or so kids.

In the past they've just been added with the grade they received into Historical Grades, but that doesn't pull the teacher's state ID. 

They take the driving portion in the summer after 8th grade but get high school credit for it. I want to make sure that however I do it, it shows up right on their transcript and also pulls correctly for the Grades report.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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3 Responses to "Summer Drivers Ed"

I just put them in as summer school grades when sending those into the state you do not need a teacher ID number for state reporting.  That is how we do it in Columbus. 
The Summer School Student Grades template has you leave the Staff ID field blank.


Suzanne, do you make a different store code for that then?

No the high school just uses S2 but they add Summer School to the Course name which then wipes out the Course number so someone has to manually enter what the course number is.  So you could use a different store code so the course number stays.  When the Guidance changes the course name I export the list of classes then send it to them to enter in the correct course number because they were the ones that wiped it out in the Historical grades.  Usually around 30 or so records they have to fix.
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