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Gradebook won't launch after update to 9
Anyone else using Macs having problems launching Gradebook after the upgrade to PowerSchool 9? Anyone using Macs and not having problems launching Gradebook after the update?

So far, the only teacher who CAN launch his Gradebook is running MacOSX 10.8.4 and Java 7 update 40. I'm working with support on this issue but I'm getting very nervous because school starts next week. :-P

(sigh) Don't you laugh at me, Ray Bentzen! ;-)
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20 Responses to "Gradebook won't launch after update to 9"

Guess this issue mainly affects servers hosted by PowerSchool. Unfortunately, the recommended fix to take Java back to Update 45 isn't working for us.  :-(

If you're hosted and have been upgraded to PowerSchool 9 AND you have Macs that CAN launch, please let me know what version Java you're using.

Just LOVE this time of year. :-P

We are on Java 8 version 51 and can launch the gradebook.  We used the installer but had to redownload the installer and run it.  We replaced the one that they already had installed and that got it to work.

I haven't had a teacher enquire about the java webstart launch since they are all using the GradeBook app.  I am able to launch the .jnlp file with Java 8 Update 45, but can't launch with update 51 (Mac OS 10.10.4)

Matt and Maurice ... Are you both hosted by PowerSchool?

Hmmm ... I just got the old Launch method (from PowerTeacher) to work with Java 8 update 45, but I can't get the Gradebook app to launch. I wish I could say I haven't had any issues since they all started using Gradebook app, but I can't. I find Gradebook very confusing. I mess around with both methods until I get one or the other to work.

Jane, we're hosted. 

Jane, we are hosted also.

Maurice and Matt: Did you have to set up a Java security exception on every teacher computer to get Gradebook to launch?

I have one teacher that just reported this today. I just sent out an email to my whole district to have everyone check as we start school next week. I could not get the one teachers gradebook to work at all. 

Oh we are hosted and it was a 10.10.4 MAC computer too. 

Gary, support tells me they are working on the problem but make sure you open a case. Below is what's working for me as a workaround.

1. Uninstall Java if newer than Java 8 update 45. (I do this through Terminal.) Find and install Java 8 update 45 (I can send you a link to the page if you can't find it)
2. Set Java security exception for your PowerSchool server in System Preferences > Java > Security > Edit Site List.
3. Log into PowerTeacher and use the old Launch for Gradebook.
4. Drag .jnlp file to the desktop for the teacher to use.
5. Launch the .jnlp file and check the box to accept security risk. (Teacher will need to do this each time Gradebook is launched.)

Just what we need to be doing the first week of school! :-P

I will file a TC but what is everyone else's so I can ref them. Tag them all together. 
 The work around.. OMG no way 
So far 10 teachers have replied to my mass email and all do not work. 

Yep. And we start school next week.

Case 02246326

How do I tag it with the others??

My ticket is 02250368 for the next person who wants to join in on this class action trouble call. LOL

 I just put in down in remarks.

Change to Steps 4 and 5 above: Support told me I could just send out the .jnlp file but it's disappearing off the desktop once you quit the Gradebook. So just have the teacher use the "old Launch" method from PowerTeacher to launch Gradebook.

I've had some luck with renaming the .jnlp file (usually just call it something like gradebook.jnlp.  That seems to keep it on the desktop for repeated use.

Of course, our teachers don't come back until next week so I have avoided this issue so far in the hopes that Jane will have it completely resolved by then.

We are hosted and upgraded to PS 9.  I updated Java to 8_51.  I am using a MacBook Pro OS 10.9.5.

I am able to launch Gradebook from the desktop not within the PowerTeacher.  I opened a ticket with support and they gave me the same work around as listed above.  After I updated, I logged out and restarted, everything.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Ray. Not enough pressure from my own teachers. ;-)

Renaming the .jnlp file appears to keep it on the desktop. :-)

PowerSchool has a fix for this problem. They will start installing on affected (hosted) servers this afternoon. I'm hoping the squeakiest wheel gets oiled first. ;-D
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