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Possible to copy a calendar to another school(s)?
It seems like there was a way to copy a calendar from a school to your other schools in PS.  I have it setup in our HS, but would like the same one to go to JH and Elementary.  Anyone doing this?
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4 Responses to "Possible to copy a calendar to another school(s)?"

Yes.  Go to District - District Calendars - You can share calendars with your other schools.  Make sure your bell schedules are set up and that your times and day are EXACT. It will not copy over if there is any difference at all.  Such as title of bell schedule, time differences.  Check every school.  Once all that is set works great!

Thanks Rebecca for the inforamtion.  Never knew that was there before.  The issue is I have done my HS calendar, and need that one to go to the Elementary and JH schools.  I don't want to set it up in District, as that would involve having to setup the whole calendar again.  I thought there was a way to do it in DDA.

there is an OLD customization called calcopy that I have and use to copy from one school to the next.  Let me know if you would like the pages.  I just bring them up in the URL using the path to them in the webfoot they are not linked to any pages I have.


Suzanne, that would be great if you wanted to share them with me.  my email is and hopefully the directions are with them also :)

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