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Uniq-ID State ID Request File failing
I can run the Uniq-ID State ID Request File for 9th and 10th graders, but it fails when I try with 11th and 12th graders. Any ideas why? Is there a limit of how many students it will pull at one time? (Our 9th grade class is largest at 192.) I'm using a start and end date of 9/21/2015, but changing the start date doesn't seem to help. TIA.

Jane Campbell
Omaha Marian High School
3 Responses to "Uniq-ID State ID Request File failing"

The most probable cause of this error is a student account with an incorrect value in the State Student Number field. The State Student Number is 10 digits. For some time now it wont allow you input more than 10, but it can allow you to input less than 10. You could export out the state student number and see if you notice any incorrect numbers. You could also select 1/2 of the group that wont print and keep on breaking down the group till you find the student's record who is causing the problem. I thought this issue had been fixed several updates ago. Please update the post when you figure out what was wrong.

Following Wayne's train of thought, you could do a quick export including the unique ID, then change the font to a fixed-width, like Courier. If there's one that isn't right, it should jump out at you.

Another thing to look for is make sure you don't have a space at the end of the state number. Sometimes when you copy/paste, you can pick up an extra space at the beginning or end of the state number.
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