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Syncing PowerSchool and Naviance
Is anyone syncing Naviance with hosted PowerSchool server? 
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5 Responses to "Syncing PowerSchool and Naviance"

We use Naviance but have not tried to sync with PowerSchool.  I will have to find out if it is possible or advantageous to do so.

It is possible to sync Naviance with PowerSchool, but the support rep told me it's not possible if you don't host your own server. I'm pretty sure that's not true, but I'm trying to find someone who can confirm that.

Jane, I'm pretty sure it is possible, even for hosted servers, using PS's AutoSend Setup function to download info from PS and then using cURL to upload the file to Naviance. The initial upload to Naviance has to be done manually, but after that, it can be automated with cURL.

Thanks, Wayne. I just got confirmation that it is possible from the director of support at Naviance. (Someone does read those surveys you complete after a call!) If you've set this up before, I might contact you later if I have a question. After talking to the Naviance guy, I understand how I get started setting it up. We'll wait until we get PSAT scores into PowerSchool before we set up the sync.

Can someone help me with setting up Naviance with Powerchool. I am not familiar with cURL and it is asking for a command code or script. We work on Mac computers at our school. Also, What information do I put in for the autosend setup function in Powerschool. We are also hosted..
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