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NSSRS reports gone on 9.1.1
We updated to 9.1.1 over Christmas break.  I tried to run a state report and when I click on the State Reporting tab I get the following error - Failed to list SDK reports: null.  I opened a support ticket and they said it was a known application defect and will be fixed in a future update.  I do not want to go to 9.2 now and state reporting is due in a week.  My case is # 02388006.  I am so frustrated!!!  Does anyone have the contact information for our PowerSchool state reporting person?

Bev Lauby
Lexington Schools
2 Responses to "NSSRS reports gone on 9.1.1"

I know of other districts running the exact same PS and state versions as you and they are not experiencing the same problem. The only difference is all the other districts I checked are hosted. This is the version:
State Content: USA-NE

So I'm not sure why you are having this issue. It must be something specific to your server/installation.

The PowerSource case that references this issue, #75976,, says the Reproduction Step is to Apply the latest state reporting update reporting-installer-win-amd64- The latest state reporting update is NOT, it is, which is what you are running.

I have been working with PowerSchool support.  They have identified an issue with servers that were updated from version 8.3 to 9.1.1.  They applied a work around to our server yesterday.  All state reports are there and working.  They made sure to state that this is a temporary work around and not a fix.
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