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Standard Grades in PowerTeacher
Our entire Kindergarten report card is standards in PowerTeacher.  With the update to 9.1 the page for teachers to enter standards score through PowerTeacher has changed.  The page allowing teachers to enter all scores for a student individually is gone.  There is only one link on the bottom left, after clicking on the backpack, to allow scores to be entered.  And it has to be done by standard for all students.  And the previous scores do not appear.  This is quite cumbersome.  Has anyone found any work arounds for this?
4 Responses to "Standard Grades in PowerTeacher"

Previously, you could do all standards entries for a single student before going on to another student. With version 9, you make entries by standard for all students.  So... you do one standard at a time.  You can auto-fill when appropriate. If you change the reporting term, to a previous term, you will see previously entered standards.

Thanks Maurice.  When I change terms it is NOT showing the previous scores.

Do you see previous standards on the admin side? Are the  standards missing for all your subject areas in PowerTeacher?

Yes I see them under Standards not associated to sections.
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