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Exchange student question
How do you handle the exchange students and their class ranking?  We don't really want ours calculated into the rank.  We have one sophomore and one senior.  I realize the sophomore student is as much of an issue as the one that is a senior.  
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On the "Other Information" student page you can choose "Exclude from Class Ranking"  That's what we do.

Ok, thanks!  I just couldn't think of anywhere that I could even begin to look for that.

You are sooooo welcome!  Glad I could help once.  I usually receive a lot more help from this group than I can ever give!!!

If you want, it is possible to exclude the students in the class rank, but include them in the total. So if you had Rank: X out of Y, the X would exclude those students and the Y would include. The advantage to this is it could increase the number of students in your top 10 or 25%. Ex: If you had 1 foreign exchange student in a class of 20, you could have X out of 19 or X out of 20. In the latter example, there would be 2 students in the top 10%, verses only 1 in the first example.

Here is an example of the formula you would use:
~(*classrank method="YourClassRankExclude" result="rank") out of ~(*classrank method="YourClassRankIncludeAll" result="outof")
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