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Transcripts Question
Next we are going to allow 8th graders to take Algebra 1 and we need it to appear on their transcript.  Can anyone tell me how to make this happen?
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We have students who re-take failed classes at other high schools during the summer. To get those credits to show up on the transcript, we've created generic courses (such as Math 289) in PowerSchool.

When a student submits credits from summer school, the registrar creates the historical grade using (for example) course number 289, enters the name of the school ("Summer School - Burke") and checks the box for "Display on Transcript." The grade shows up under historical grades and on the transcript. 

Hope this helps. :-)

Thanks Jane, we do that as well.  I was just hoping for some magic box that I didn't know about to check to make this happen.  I guess we will enter them by hand. 

If you find that magic box, please let me know. :-D

Will do!!!  Hahahahaha!!!

For our high school transcript, we use a transcript list that includes grades 8-12, and then I modify to have all of the 8th grade historical grades excluded on transcripts except Algebra I.

Thank you Jennifer, I'll give that a try.

Wait Jennifer,  how do you exclude from transcript and not exclude on report card?

We do this and I have to change the grade level to 9 - even though they take it in 8th grade.  It works because we don't show grade level on transcript - just the school - Wahoo Middle School and year.  Hope that helps!

Since our 8th graders are in Middle School when they take Algebra I and we want it to appear on their High School transcripts, I store the grades and issue credit, then at the end of the year, I search for the section # and Store code then in DDA change the School ID to "3" (the HS school ID) and Grade level to 9. It then shows on the transcript that are printed for High School. 

It will not display on a transcript list, but it displays on our report cards, which are object reports.  I do not use a transcript list for our report cards.

Good point Jennifer, we also use an object report for report cards.  Thanks!

You can setup your transcript to only show historical grades that have specific credit types, then ONLY the historical grades you want to show up on the transcript will have those credit types. The transcript line in an object report has a line "Restrict to this credit type" where you would enter all the credit types. Historical grades gets the credit type from the Course page. If you haven't been storing grades with the credit type or you need to change them, the easiest way is to export out your historical grades, change them in Excel and then re-import.

An added advantage of having set credit types for courses is using credit types to pull manually entered transfer grades into the Graduation Planner.
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