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Individualized Learning Plan Page
My principals just asked me if I could set up an Individualized Learning Plan Page in PowerSchool for all the teachers to be able to access.  They want to be able to post Dibels scores, NeSA scores, MAPS scores, ACT scores, and also be able to enter goals for the student as well.  They want to be able to drill down this report by subject as well.  They also want this to work with the advisor dashboard.  They want to be able to enter information for student intervention, along with what has and has not worked for the student.
Any suggestions, or would it just be better to set up a google doc for each student?

I feel like this is a very large process either way, and am overwhelmed just typing it!
2 Responses to "Individualized Learning Plan Page"

 What they are asking for is WAY beyond on what you or PS can do right now. You will need to look at software called data warehousing. We are looking at viewpoint right now but have used 2 over the last 4 years. Just a note, the state is building a data warehouse for all schools too. It is still the baby stages. So just a matter if you can/want to wait or get something else. 
 The 2 we used but dropped, tried to do on google docs and such.. No way. Pearson inform - not very good. 

Thanks.  I appreciate your help!
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