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PS account for long-term sub?
Hello everyone -- Great conference this week! Thanks to everyone who presented and worked on the event. :-)

How do you handle long-term subs for maternity, etc.? Do you give the sub access to the teacher's PS account and grade book? (Obviously, changing passwords first.) Do you create a new account for the sub and use them as a co-teacher for the 12 weeks or so?

What are the long-term ramifications for creating a generic long-term sub account and using that account as a co-teacher? We don't usually have the same long-term sub so I'm considering changing the account name each time. Would that cause any problems later, with that account tied to grades?


Jane  :-)
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3 Responses to "PS account for long-term sub?"

I Columbus I go to the Teachers account then change the Username and password to be the subs name for the username and a different password but it is the teachers account in PowerSchool. I have found that to be the easiest for us.  We may have multiple log term subs at the same time.  That way I know when the teacher comes back because she emails me that she can not log onto PowerTeacher until I change it back to her.


We usually create a separate account for the long-term sub, add the sub as a co-teacher to the sections, and then de-activate the sub's account at the end of the assignment. This allows the sub to receive weather alerts, etc. through our third party program. And the teacher can still log in from home if he/she so chooses.

Thanks, Suzanne and Amanda. This gives me a couple of options. :-)
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