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How many going to PowerTeacher Pro?
Who all will be using PowerTeacher Pro this fall? My intent was to start our new teachers with it ... but I'm getting cold feet. I've been so busy that I haven't had much time to figure it out. Just curious what others are doing. If I start the new teachers with PTP, they will come to me for grade book support. :-(  #neverbeenateacher  
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11 Responses to "How many going to PowerTeacher Pro?"

We are having the new teachers to our district use Pro and during our pre- in-service we are going to let the other teachers choose if they want to be cutting edge with Pro. Our technology  integration specialist and I are to the training at ESU 10. I know Wayne and Ellie will help everyone get through this upgrade.

Sure wish I lived closer to Wayne and Ellie!

We are planning on rolling it out to all teachers the 17-18 school year.

We are going to have demonstrations and classes on PTPro the first have of this 16-17 school year. In the second half of 16-17 school year we are going to have group of teachers convert their gradebooks and be trained on the program and use it for the rest of the school year. Then those teachers are going to turn around and teach the other teachers in the 17-18 school year.  So basically we will have a teach the teacher model in place. 

In Columbus we are having ALL teachers us Pro.  We will meet with them during their in service days prior to the start of school then we are all in.  Wish me LUCK!! (our motto is no guts no glory)

We (Westside Community Schools) will be having all teachers in our district using it this year. 

We (Westside Community Schools) will be having all teachers in our district using it this year. 

You're brave, Suzanne! =:-0  I already know some teachers don't want it because they won't be able to import grades via .csv files. I like Adrian's plan ... teachers teaching teachers is my fav model. Thanks!

We will start the year with PTG and then migrate some of our more gradebook savvy teachers to PTP in S1.  We anticipate many wanting to move to PTP in December.  There will be a big update in December fixing some known issues in PTP.  All will be PTP for 17-18.  We will also have the teach the teacher model in place by the end of S1.

What are the known issues with PTP right now? I haven't had time to keep up with the forums.

1. No citizenship without installing a customization
2. Teachers can't email out of PTP
3. Copying assignments from previous years.  They can do this in PTG and then migrate to PTP.

These are the ones we are aware of.

One more issue that's important for some of my teachers: No ability to import assignments and/or scores from a file.
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