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Setting up OLD Gradebook
I get this question every year and I'm always giving the wrong answer. We have semester-long classes but we store grades for Q1 and Q2. They go home on what we call a quarterly progress report.

My question: if the S1 and S2 are the official grades for a class, do our teachers need to set up Q1 and Q3 terms? Looking back on my notes, I looked into this before and ended up telling the teachers they need to do final grade setup for all four terms (Q1, S1, Q3, S2). But this doesn't make sense to me. Why should they set up Q1 and Q3 if only S1 and S2 are official grades?

Ideas? My brain hit its capacity last week ...


Jane ;-)
Marian High School

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4 Responses to "Setting up OLD Gradebook"

OK ... so here's what I found in my notes. Is this true? Is there a way to store a Q1 and Q3 term grade but not have those terms need to be set up?

"Q1 and Q3 terms need to be set up the same as S1 and S2. Technically, Marian doesn’t do the traditional quarterly grades (such as Q1+Q2=S1), but we store quarter grades so we have to set up a term for Q1 and Q3. If your S1 grades are set up to calculate using category weights but Q1 is set to default with total points, the Q1 and S1 grades will be different."

I guess the answer is yes and no or maybe "it's complicated" or maybe "it depends".

There are two parts to this and it comes from the start of the Permanently Store Grades screen: 

1) Use this Final Grade/Reporting Term:
2) Save with this Historical Store Code:

When you store grades, the store code that gets recorded can be anything you want. You enter characters into the field labeled "Save with this Historical Store Code:".  You could have the records showing XX or Q8 if you wish. But most of us enter the same value as was chosen in the line above which is "Use this Final Grade/Reporting Term".

The "Use this Final Grade/Reporting Term" tells the stored grade process what final grade to use in the Teacher's Gradebook.

So YES, you can store a Q1 grade for a semester long section, without setting up a Q1 grading term. 

Use this Final Grade/Reporting Term:  S1
Save with this Historical Store Code:  Q1

Just realize, this grade that gets stored with a Q1 store code is not necessarily the average of all the grades for a specific range of time (ie: start of Q1 to the end of Q1). This grade would be the calculation as of the point in time when the grades were stored. If you stored the grades 3 days after the end of the quarter, it might contain grades from Q2 if a teacher has entered grades from assignments given in Q2.

Some schools have gotten completely away from quarters, so when they store grades in the middle of the term, they store an M1 the first semester and an M2 the second. Again, this indicates the average at the point in time grades were stored.

If you don't have quarter terms defined and you store a grade at the mid-term, no matter if you call it M1 or Q1, the issue I see with this is if a parent questions the stored grade, you have no way of determining which assignment grades were used in the calculation. It was whatever grades that were entered when grades were stored. There is no way of going back and trying to see if your calculation is right b/c there is no date range to pull the assignments.

Just because you create a Q1 & Q2 grading term doesn't mean teachers have to calculate their S1 grade using the quarter terms. They can calculate S1 any way they would like.

Maybe a compromise if you are truly against even saying or showing the word quarter, is to create an M1 grading term that runs from the first day of school to the middle of the term, and then you can store this term grade and I would use M1 as my store code too. This way you would know what assignments make up that stored grade and you are not mentioning quarters.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks, Wayne. When we store the quarter grade ("snapshot" is what the administrators call it), we use the S1 grade, as in your example. Technically, we know which grades were entered by the specific date and time so we should be able to go back to verify a quarter grade, if needed. But for all purposes, the Q1 grade is not an official grade. 

If we turn off the term Q1 from ever showing for parents and students, it shouldn't matter if Q1 is set up like S1, right? The problem we've had in the past is when parents and students see the Q1 grade and it's showing a different grade from S1 during the first quarter.

I like the idea of calling it an M1 grade -- really gets away from the quarter. Maybe I'll pass that along.

Thanks for your help! :-)

My issue with setting up Q1 and Q3 is that teachers always forget or don't get them set up correctly with the S1 and S2 grade setup. Plus it's twice the work, which further encourages teachers to not complete setting it up consistently for each class. I end up running reports and tracking teachers down, which I don't have time to do.

Wayne ... Is there a way to prevent Q1 and Q3 terms from showing? I've tried unchecking them under School > Setup > Final Grade Entry Settings > Final Grade Entry - Global Options but they still show up in Gradebook.
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