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NSSRS District of Residence
OK so...the following is from the last NDE Bulletin:

"In setting up NSSRS for 2016-2017 NDE found an issue with the School of Residence [Student: Location of Resident (165)].  This field is only 3 digits not 11 as was noted in the 11.1 version of the Student Template Instruction Manual.  NDE notified all the Student Information System vendors August 16 and the vendors will have to update the Student and Student Snapshot Templates before you can upload your student data for 2016-2017.  We are sorry for the additional work and delays this causes you and your Student Information System vendors.  The updated instructions for this field are noted in version 11.3 of the Student Templates Instruction Manual posted 08/19/2016.  Previous to the 11.3 version of the Student Template Instruction Manual the field School of Residence [Student: Location of Resident (165)] was named School of Attendance.  This name change was corrected in version 11.3."

Can anyone enlighten me as to just what we need to do to comply with this "issue"?  Do we have to change our District of Residence Codes?

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