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Pulling LastUpdate from Gradebook into report?
We have used the Low Current Grades report to do our down list that I got from somewhere a few years ago.  All worked well, except now with the new gradebook the Last Update isn't pulling into the report.  It shows it as 00/00/00 on the report.

Here is the code that is used in the report.  ~(v.DSQL_lastupdate)  Any suggestions?
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From Matt Freund: 

Updating the Low Current Grades Reporting Engine Reports

I recently posted how to update the Current Grades sqlReports to show the last grade update, but some places still use a reporting engine I created years ago that does the same thing. I quit updating it after PS 7 and no longer support it in general because of sqlReports, but here's how to get the last grade update to work okay in the reporting engine report as well:
This only applies to Version 7.0 of the Low Current Grades reporting engine reports (you see the version number when you run the report) -
1 - click on system reports, engine, and the setup link on the engine tab. That will bring up a list of reporting engine reports.
2 - click on the Variables link on the line for the Low Current Grades report.
3 - click on the sqlStatement link on the variable page.
4 - in the Value box, look for the cc.lastgradeupdate reference in the first SELECT line and change the cc to pgf. In other words, change it to read pgf.lastgradeupdate.
5 - scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Submit.
The next time the report is run, the last grade update value should be correct. Originally I had the report pulling from the cc table, but PTP doesn't save the last grade update to that table. Both gradebooks instead save the last grade update to the PGFinalGrades table, which is what the pgf is a reference to in the sql.
There were some versions of the report that had an activities drop-down, and the fix should be the same. If you have a version older than the 7.0 one, then I'm not sure how to fix it and I don't support it. I'd recommend you use sqlReports instead and the reports on the Grades Report page of this site.
I also had a Last Gradebook Update reporting engine report and it won't work with PTP. The fix for it isn't as easy because it mainly looks at the cc table for the last update and to make it look at the PGFinalGrades table would take rewriting everything. I have a similar sqlReport on this site for site subscribers, but if you're not a site subscriber and want a free report, then I'd recommend installing the grades bundle as part of the Custom Reports Bundle from as it has a last update report.

Thanks Peggy.  That was it.

Thank You!  Work like a charm.  Thanks for the step by step directions!
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