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Immunization Report for PowerSchool
I have a secretary that has entered all of the immunizations in on her students.

Now she is trying to run a report that shows all the immunizations for her 7th graders.

I am not seeing a report in PowerSchool that will do that.

Does anyone else run Immunization reports out of PowerSchool? If so how? 

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I used to have an immunization report at my previous school for the nurse to run. I got it from another school and customized it.

Now that I think about it, I might have had a custom health screen back then for immunizations. I seem to recall PS didn't have much for health information.

Ray Bentzen .... is there still a working immunization report on your PowerSchool server? 

Jane Campbell
Marian High School

There is one on the PowerSource exchange that works fairly well.


I tried a few on PowerSource but none of them seemed to work. Do you know which one you are referring to? Maybe I have not tried that one.

Custom Immunization Screen and Object Report

Is the health data entered in the built-in Health Screens or your own custom fields?

It is entered in the Built-in Health Screens. Thus the Custom Immunization Screen and Object Report that Kris suggested will not work because that uses a custom screen.

No that report pulls from the built in health screen.  We do not use a custom screen for immunizations.

Try the "Immunization Dates, Disease Exemption, and Compliancy Status" report from PowerSource. It has to be imported into ReportWorks.

I absolutely APOLOGIZE!!!!!  Sharon has the correct report!!!   I am so sorry!!!   Been a long day!!!

No worries. I will try the Immunization Dates, Disease Exemption, and Compliancy Status report tomorrow and see if that works.

Thanks you for all of your help!
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