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National PSUG in Vegas 2017
Is anyone else signed up for the National PSUG event in Las Vegas in July? I signed up for the early bird discount in December. I received a generic "your registration was received" but haven't received an invoice. Does anyone know if they will send an invoice (my PO is getting dusty)? Also, will they let me know when the hotel is accepting reservations or do I need to keep checking the website? TIA.

Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha
Tags: Conference
2 Responses to "National PSUG in Vegas 2017"

I went last year and loved it!! It is done very well done and learned allot by being just as good as PSU, but a lot cheaper. They know how to have fun. The invoice was not sent till like May I think and then Hotel was Apr/May too. Once you find out the hotel, you might be able to go to the hotel website and put in the group name (PSUG or PSUG17??) and get it that way. 

Thanks, Gary. I'm looking forward to the conference! :-)
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