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Storing Grades
I'm having troubles storing grades for my high school...I didn't have problems with semester 1 or Q1 and Q2...I've tried checking my final grade set up and my store codes...and I just can't figure it out.  Is there anyone that can help?
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Can you be a little more specific.  Exactly what is happening when you try to store grades?  Do you have year long, quarter long and semester long classes?  What terms do you need to store credit for?  Try this:
Year long:  Store with no credit
Semester:  Store with no credit
Quarter:  Store with credit

Then go back and try this:
Year:  Store with no credit
Semester:  store with credit

Then if you have year long classes that need credit store those with credit.

So, I went back and did that, and here is what I see when I check a student's historical grades.  She only has one class showing up as S2, but should have others showing up as well.

Multiple New Entries  Single New Entry  Previous School Names  Detail View   LangArtsVocational 
Year/Term Grd Lvl Course Dept. Earned Credit Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 S1 S2 Y1
16-17 S1 11 Advisory/Storm Zone 0.00 100 100 100 100 100 100 _
16-17 S1 11 Am History 10.00 96 96 99 97 96 98 _
16-17 S1 11 Business Law I/II Vocational 10.00 100 100 100 99 100 99 _
16-17 S1 11 Chemistry 10.00 100 98 99 100 98 99 _
16-17 S1 11 College Algebra DC 10.00 95 99 97 96 96 97 _
16-17 S1 11 English III LangArts 10.00 99 100 100 100 100 100 _
16-17 S1 11 H. School Choir 10.00 100 100 100 100 100 100 _
16-17 S1 11 Plant Science/Plant Biology Vocational 5.00 98 99 . . 98 . _
16-17 S2 11 Psychology 5.00 . . 100 100 . 99 .
16-17 S1 11 Spanish II 10.00 100 100 100 100 100 100 _

I noticed my grades weren't saving properly when I tried to run my grades report for NSSRS.

I am also having students who do not have classes showing up on the report.  My seniors have only year long classes that are being picked up on the report.  None of my CIP classes are are the report either.  Sharon is also looking into what the problem is.

Tanya, if you would like to contact me directly and send me screen shots of your "Permanently Store Grades" screen I would be happy to take a look and see if I can help more.

Wendy, it sounds like you need to go to District > School/School Info > choose high school > Reporting Store Codes and setup S1 for Semester 1 and S2 for Semester 2. 

Tanya, are most of your courses setup as year long? If so, when you store the S2 grade, did you select Store with credit on the 2016-2017 line? I'm guessing the reason Psych stored is b/c it is a semester 2 class and you stored grades for Semester 2.

Most of my grades are set up as semester.  When I run my grades report for high school, I only get a report with 55 lines on it.  We have 66 students in school, so that was my sign that I had something off.  
I checked the reporting store codes and I have those all set: Q1,Q2,S1,Q3,Q4,S2,Y1--with no spaces.

If you entered all those reporting store codes together, I assume that would be under 2016-2017.  If your SECTIONS are setup as semesters, then you need to go to District > School/School Info > choose high school > Reporting Store Codes and click on NEW then select Semester 1 for the Term and enter S1 in the Store Code list field, then save. Then do the same but select Semester 2 and enter S2.

Yes, got my grades report to pull by having to go to district and set my Reporting Store Codes.  Thanks to all who helped.

Thanks, I had store codes listed out in YL, but didn't do separate in Semester.  
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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