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Restrict Parent Access
Is there a way to Restrict Parent Access and NOT allow them to update data without Disabling the account?

We have a divorced family and they keep updating each others information with their own - we want to keep data on Both families.

Thank you!
1 Response to "Restrict Parent Access"

I don't think so if you still want to allow them access to their parent accounts.

Since it sounds like they are being jerks (a professional term if ever there was one), an option might be to go ahead and disable parent access and provide them with a student username and password for all affected children.  They could still get in to view student grades, transactions, etc. but wouldn't have the demographic data update option available and would have to log in separately to review information for each child.

Of course, that is apt to irritate the parents (especially given their penchant for childish behavior) so administrative support or direction for taking such a step would be good.
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