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Lunch Count Meal Choices
Is there any way to have different lunch menu choices show on the lunch count screens. We would like our Jr./Sr. High School be have different choices than our elementary buildings.
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Are you using the Al Carte customization??

We do have the AlaCarte customization, but I didn't know if I could change the page that the teachers mark their lunch count on, having different options for one school vs another. Does that make sense?

We are trying to figure out the same thing. With our new lunch program the Lunch Counts fields for the teachers are almost useless.

I had looked at/installed the A La Carte customization two or three years ago and decided against it simply because it didn't give us the meal choices we wanted.

We now use EZ School Apps' Homeroom web module to take lunch counts and don't mess with PowerLunch's lunch count functionality (or lack thereof).  We only have one school for which we include three student and four staff lunch options (basically regular hot lunch, sandwich substitution for the main entree, or a salad substitution for the main entree).  As far as I know, you could include as many options as you wanted.  We pay $300 a year for the web service; my guess is that that $300 would be applicable to each school you wanted to create options for.

As the guy administering the website, I have found it pretty easy to set up from year to year and to edit as needed.  It does require teachers to login to PowerSchool for attendance and then to EZ School Apps for lunch count, but they seem to manage that just fine.  I set our Food Services Director with admin rights so she can get count data and reports and have our office staff with rights as well so they can edit teacher counts for late arrivals, failure to submit, etc.

The website, if interested in looking further, is

I would think that if the teachers are in PT in their school that all would be seperate but I don't know as we don't use that part. Want to but you know, change.....

I have changed the lunch choices by customizing that page and the page that the lunch administrator's see the lunch count totals on. I just don't know how to make them different per school. I would prefer to keep this within PowerSchool.

Hi Sheri!

you said: you were able to change the lunch choices by customizing that page and the page that the lunch administrator's see the lunch count totals on?

Was this because you are using the AlaCarte customization

- or were you able to changed the wording on the screen that comes out of the box from PS like teachers see when they Submit Lunch Counts?   (Student Breakfast / Student Lunch / Student A la Carte / Milk / Adult Breakfast and so on)

I understand your question is specifically how to make the screens "different per school" - but any guidance is appreciated
Thank you 

We want to change the default fields on the lunch count page. Has anyone done this and if so could you tell me how or point me toward customization instructions?


Thanks to ESU 10 pointing me in right direction.

I was able to customizing the page that the lunch administrator's see the lunch count totals, as well as the teacher and sub pages. ...... But this was for the WHOLE school, done for the District - I am sorry we did not find a way to make them different per school. .
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