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PowerTeacher Pro-Individual Assignments
It has been brought to my attention that parents and students are not able to see grades for individual assignments for the teachers that are on PowerTeacher Pro.  Is this a setting somewhere that I have missed?  Or does the teacher have to do something?  Thanks!
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We had this issue as well, and we solved by disabling customizations.  I have no idea why that works or what the connection is, but here is how you get to it:

Click System on the home page. Under 'Server' to System Settings. Then click Customizations.  If the box on that page is checked, uncheck it. 

We have found that our information on Dashboard doesn't sync when you disable it, so at times we will enable the customizations, sync, then disable it again so the assignments can be seen. Our Tech person has put a ticket in to PowerSchool about this issue. 

One of my teachers had an issue with students not seeing grades for particular assignments. We went to Edit Assignment and discovered "Count in Final Grade" was unchecked for a quiz and an assignment.

I've also noticed sometimes the students don't see grades in the PowerSchool mobile app. I'm guessing it might be a caching issue.

PS looks like it has a lot of bug fixes. Looking forward to that update tomorrow night.

Thank you both!  I really don't want to turn off my customizations so guess we will just have to wait for a fix.  Hopefully this weekend!

Unfortunatelly Jane I checked and all of the assignments are checked for "Count in Final Grade" 


Does the term grade show to parents and students? What do you see in Quick Lookup on the admin side?  QL is what everyone sees and it should be the same in all portals.

Wayne, on the admin side I CAN see the individual assignments but you cannot see them on the public portal for parents or students.  PS says it is a customization now to attempt to figure out which one!  I'm open to ANY ideas on where to start!  Thanks!

We have found this issue as well.  I really don't want to disable the customizations since we have other customizations we use.  Has anyone else found a fix to this issue? I can see individual assignments on my side, but all the parent sees is the total grade.  Any help is appreciated!  Thanks.

I got rid of the Enhanced Parent Portal and all is well!

I have had a couple parents call with this issue. We have several customizations that I don't want to turn off so that's not an option. Is the Enhanced Parent Portal a plug-in from Power Data Solutions?  I don't have that installed.

I can access the scores while logged on to the parent portal on my Mac but these two parents are on a Windows machine. I have them using the mobile app for now.

The newer versions are plugins, but this customization has been around a long time and many schools had it before it was a plugin.
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