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2 PowerTeacher Pro Questions
1. I have a teacher who wants assignments to automatically get docked 50 percent when they are marked late. Is there way to do that with PTP? She says she was able to do this with the old Gradebook app.

2. I have a teacher who would like to change her default login screen in PowerTeacher Pro to something other than the Assignments screen. Is there a way to change the default login screen? I don't see anything under Settings.

Only two questions today so I guess it's a good day. ;-) TIA.

Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha, NE
2 Responses to "2 PowerTeacher Pro Questions"


1. I dont think this is possible... I don't think it was possible in the old gradebook either but I could be wrong. :-).

2. I know that for sure this is NOT possible at the time. I know it is one of the most requested enhancements for PTPro.

PowerSchool is trying to force all teachers to try/use the Assignment list (default screen) They see this screen as a "to-do" list for the teacher. I am not sure I agree with their logic.  I have many teachers asking for the old score sheet to be their default screen. Right now there is no way to switch the default login screen.


1. It depends what the teacher wants docked 50%. If she wants the student's score to be docked 50%, I don't think it can be done. If she wants the score to automatically be 50% of the points possible, this is possible by creating a special code that uses the 'Assignment % Value' in a Special Codes grade scale that is tied to the grade scale for the section.

2. Adrian is correct.  I agree I don't know if I go along with PS's  logic wanting it to be a "to-do" list for teachers. But if teachers get in a habit of sorting the assignment screen by the 'Scored' column, they might find the screen more handy and helpful seeing which assignments have missing scores.
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