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Anyone hire Richard James for scheduling help?
Are there any other Nebraska schools that might be using Phoenix Learning or Richard James for scheduling help this year? I'd love to share expenses with another school, if possible. They've told me Richard might be working with other nearby schools. Thanks!

Jane Campbell
Marian High School
Omaha, NE
5 Responses to "Anyone hire Richard James for scheduling help?"

Yes, for two or three summers I hosted a Powerschool workshop at CLJMS. Richard was the presenter. He has a lot of knowledge.

Thanks, John. Anyone planning to use him this year who might want to try to share his travel expenses?

If anyone would host a workshop I would love to attend.
Bev Lauby
Lexington Public Schools

I would be interested in attending a workshop with him. I will keep following this thread.  Or my email is if any further plans are made.
Michelle Dormann
Garden County Schools
Oshkosh, NE

I don't know that Richard will be doing any workshops in Nebraska. I am planning to hire him to come to our school for two days to help us with PowerScheduler. I'm just looking for another school who might be hiring him, too, so we can share travel expenses. 

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