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Sort Object Report Output by Course
We have an Enrollment Verification Object report that the school prints off and gives to each student to verify that the demographic information they have on file is correct. The school would like to print this report in batches for each grade level, but then have it order the pages by a certain course the student is taking.

For example they want to run the report for all the 9th graders but then have it order the pages by the English I course. So they would get all the Period 1 English I students sorted together then then all the Period 2 English I courses sorted together, etc... They want them by a specific class, and that class is different depending on the grade level.

Does anyone know if there is a way to do this in PowerSchool?
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2 Responses to "Sort Object Report Output by Course "

I don't think there is a way to print groupings by multiple periods in one pass.  You can select to sort by a specific period which will give you everyone in Mr. A's class, Ms. B's class, etc.

You might consider selecting the kids in your English I first period class, printing the Enrollment Verification report for those kids and then proceed with selecting the next period's group and the next period's group and so on.  Makes lots of little steps but about the best you can do.

On the Print Reports screen, there is an "In What Order" section. That will allow you to sort your report output by *Name (Alphabetical)
*By grade level, then alphabetical
*By period ## class as of a specific enrollment date

You cannot sort by the course (your example of  English classes) but you can sort by your 1st-period class then give to all the teachers to distribute during 1st period.

If your report does not have the student schedule on it, you can add a line with a period_info code to pull their 1st-period teacher name. We have something similar to a homeroom so I would use that if I were doing something like this.
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