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Student enrolled in wrong school
The registrar accidentally enrolled a student into the wrong school. We have an Admissions school where we are enrolling all new students for next year. They will be transferred to our main school at EOY. This student was enrolled into our current school, has an enroll_status of -1 and entry date is 8/17/2018. She has no course requests and the only record I can find in DDA is in the Students table. Can I just change her SchoolID field in DDA > Students table to the correct school? TIA.

Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha
Tags: DDA  Student Information  enrollment
4 Responses to "Student enrolled in wrong school"

The fields you need to change are

That is what I do


Thanks, Suzanne!

You will also want to reset the FTE as that is unique to the school and will not carry over to the new school.


Thanks, Kristi!
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