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Possible Issue with A La Carte Customization 3.0
BEWARE OF POSSIBLE ISSUE: Our lunch manager reported yesterday that one of the cashier's A La Carte lunch transactions for all of yesterday did not show up on theTransaction Report. He was watching the cashier (because he was new) and verified he was pulling up photos and submitting charges. The two other cashiers' transactions all went through. I called PS support this morning and was told I'm the third person to report this happening with A La Carte version 3.0 since March 22.

From everything the lunch manager told me, the cashier was online, not logged out and hitting submit (not cancel). I checked the GLDetail table in DDE and did not find any transactions for that user. Right now, I'm trying to locate the source of the A La Carte customization to see if there's an update.

Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
Tags: Custom Pages  lunch
2 Responses to "Possible Issue with A La Carte Customization 3.0"

A la Carte is on PowerSource in the Community pages.

Thanks, Peggy. I just posted to the page in PowerSource Exchange. We will not be using the customization until I can be sure this won't happen again. Our lunch manager makes very little profit off the lunch program. He runs it as an independent vendor so I hate to see him lose money. :-(
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