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Tardy Search
Is there a way to search for tardies by 1st period only?
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I pull tardy information via quick export for our report cards and an end of the year data file I provide teachers for updating cumulative folders using this coding:  ^(per.att;HR(A);TR)

To use for your school, you would need to change the HR(A) listing to however your first period shows in your listing of class periods.  For us, all grade levels start the day with Homeroom, so that's when we count tardies.

To do the Quick Export, just select all or whatever gorup of students you want, add lastfirst and the coding above to the search window, and it should work for you.

Of course, this requires you to piddle with a quick export as opposed to something more elegant.  I generally don't do elegant.

Thank you Ray.  Unfortunately that is what I do now.  I was just hoping there was a better way to search that I have missed all these years.  Seems like it should be such a simple thing to do.

You can use the System Reports >Attendance Count report.

You can choose a code and what period you want to search by and how many occurrences there are.


Do you want just the list of students or do you want it printed somewhere with the total?

Seriously!!!   16 years on PowerSchool and I have never tried the Attendance Count report!  That works great. 

I was hoping for a way to set something up so that when a student reaches 5 tardies in the 1st period it would automatically send an email to the teacher.  I think I'm asking way to much, but thought I'd try! 

Thanks for the info so far!
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