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NSSRS Grades Report
I am losing my mind over this stupid report!  I have never had a problem with it before but this year I cannot get it to pull grades for my 9-12 students.  I have check my stored grades and they all appear correct.  I have checked my Reporting Store Codes at the district level.  The curious thing is that I have students that transferred in mid year.  The grades that were hand entered from their previous school appear on the report but not 1 grade for a student that has been here the entire year appears on the report.

Any suggestion will be very greatly appreciated! 
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7 Responses to "NSSRS Grades Report"

I just had the same problem with new students that transfer in with their grades appearing.  I just had to delete them. 

Can someone tell me the 4th, 5th and 6th grade PE Course code we are suppose to use.

Make sure your store codes are entered individually at the district.

Thank you for responding!

I am confused by your comment about deleting those grades.  Why did you do that?

I believe the correct code for elementary PE is 080125

I do have my store codes set up individually.


I deleted those grades because they were historical grades that belong to that student before they came into our school.  We could not report them.

Are you course codes year long or by quarter?  If year long they belong all in one file like this - Q1,Q2,S1,Q3,Q4,S2

Not sure after this why they would not pull.

Thanks for the course code!

OK get this!!! I just figured out it is NOT PULLING any student in grades 9-12 OTHER than the new students.  What the heck???   Do you have ANY idea why that would be?

I ran the Audit for Columbus and it pulled all students.
The store codes I have are 17-18 year with S1,S2; Semester 1 with S1; Semester 2 with S2.  We only do semesters at the High School
When I ran the report I did not choose a grade scale because we use letter grades. I chose Audit as report type.

That WORKED Suzanne!!!!!   Thank you soooooo much!
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