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moving from Log Entries to Incident Management for state reporting
We have been using PowerSchool for 18 years and have always used Log Entries for discipline.  Now the state is requiring us to go to Incident Management.  Does anyone have any advice, gotchas, tips, etc. for changing?  I am not looking forward to this, especially training our Admin on doing things a new way.

Thanks for any help,
Bev Lauby
Lexington Public Schools
Lexington, NE
5 Responses to "moving from Log Entries to Incident Management for state reporting"

I believe that if you attend an ADVISER workshop you will be able to get help with this. 

I plan on attending ADVISER work days but my concern is our school starts Aug. 13th and our ESU work day is not until Sept. 27th.

PowerSchool will be hosting a Zoom training session on Aug 22nd.  You should get a tech note notice soon with the time etc.  That will provide an overview and how too. 


Thank you so much Aimee.  That will be very helpful!!!

I certainly understand that concern.  I will not be updated to 12.0.2 until tomorrow so I still can't see what PowerSchool has set up for the State incident management.  I really don't think it is going to be too difficult.  We do use incident management now, but had to set up everything the way we wanted it.  I believe in this case things will all be set up the way the State wants it and all you have to do is basically fill in the blanks.    At least that is what I am hoping for!!!
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