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Setup Store Codes   (Archived)
New member here. I am a PS Admin.

We just transferred to a new district and PS system and I can't recall how to setup the Admin grading Store Codes (Q1, X0, S1, F1).
Years & Terms are already set up, but I'm unable to locate the store codes setup page.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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If years and terms are already set up, each term (quarter, semester, year) should have a corresponding abbreviation which is used as the store code.

Next go to Final Grades/Reporting Terms Setup ( under School>Grading) and ener those store codes.  That ends up getting a little tedious as terms that contain other terms (semesters or years for example) need to be setup to include all of those other terms.

Are you referring to the NE Reporting Store Codes?

Yes, that's it. Thank you Ray Bentzen. I knew I was overlooking it, right in front of me, so I appreciate the direction.

This can be tedious, but there are a couple things you can do to help save time.

Not all terms need to have reporting terms setup. At the Elementary schools in most districts you only need to setup reporting terms for the year long term (2018-2019) because most Elem only have year long sections. ie: you don't have to setup reporting terms for Semester 1, Semester 2, or the Quarters.  At the HS if you have split your year long courses into semesters, you don't have to setup reporting terms for 2018-2019, only for semesters and quarters if you have quarter classes.

Another time saver is you can copy the reporting term setup from one school to another. To do this you select the school that has the setup you want to copy, then go to System > Copy Final Grade Setups.  Since it doesn't hurt if reporting terms are setup under all the terms even when a school doesn't need it, you could setup reporting terms under all the terms and then copy it to all schools.

There is also a nice customization that will show you the dates of all the terms on the Final Grade Setup page. It is on PowerSource Exchange and can be found here.
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