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PowerLunch 2nd Transactions having an issue
PowerLunch 2nd Transactions is having an Issue

We were serving 2nd lunches and noticed we are not receiving a second transaction warning.  

We have a contracted PowerSchool Tech who thinks the issue is in BATCHES - 2nd transactions are going into different batches and all being recorded as 1st transactions.

With this, we cannot be alerted to a 2nd lunch or search for 2nd lunches & if we get audited we cannot find the 2nd transactions.

This was not an issue last year or in prior years.  

There are times that cashiers have to log out of their machines or go fix something and a new batch starts.   For example today... a computer crashed and the cashier had to log into a different machine.  

And we have multiple lines and a student can go do a different cashier for the 2nd transaction & the cashiers do not have to stay logged into the same batch during the entire time we serve meals.

PowerSchool said:   this is a known issue and it has been targeted for a release which would be the next patch, I do not have a release date but it should be soon.

Kristy Kennedy
SIS Data Coordinator
Hastings Public Schools
Hastings NE 68901
Tags: PowerSchool  PowerLunch
4 Responses to "PowerLunch 2nd Transactions having an issue"

Many districts have seen this and there are lots of cases submitted. But we have only seen this on servers running version 12.

Has anyone seen this on a non-version 12 server?

I'm pretty sure we're seeing the issue on PS 11.0.5. We just purchased Marcia Brenner Cafe plugin but I'm pretty sure it indicated a second purchase back when we saw the demo. No 2nd Transaction notifications are showing now.

It doesn't seem to be happening with schools that use A La Carte.

Other wonderful things that are happening: you can't record a transaction for a different day; on the serve lunch/breakfast page, the Last 10 transactions link only shows 1; the total sales page can't add, numbers are off from actual sales.

I just served a 2nd lunch at a school on a non-A la carte, version 11.0.5 server, and I got the 2nd lunch warning, so I believe this is an issue only on version 12. Please post if someone verifies the 2nd lunch warning doesn't show in PS 11.

Jane, can you turn off the MBA Cafe plugin and see if you get the warning?
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