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PSAT Scores in PS
If you import PSAT scores into PowerSchool, do you separate out the tests by grade level? For example, PSAT_9, PSAT_10, PSAT_11. Right now, I just have PSAT and was planning to import multiple copies of the PSAT with different dates. That's how I do it with ACT. But is the PSAT a different test for each grade level?? I'm new to importing test data. TIA.

Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
Tags: Test Scores
3 Responses to "PSAT Scores in PS"

OK ... I've decided to create separate PSAT tests for each grade. Now I'm wondering: can I use the same Test Results names for each test? Can I use the same "Math_Sec_Score" for PSAT_9, PSAT_10 and PSAT_11? Don't they get assigned to specific tests during the import?

I use the same score names for my NWEA Winter and Fall tests with out a problem so I would say Yes.

Suzanne Stevenson
Columbus Public

Great! Thanks, Suzanne. :-)
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