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Test scores not importing
I know I'm doing something wrong. I'm trying to import PSAT 9 test scores from a .txt file with Student_Number, Grade_Level, Test_Date and 3 scores. The test record for PSAT 9 gets created for the student, but the scores are empty.

I switched to the term 2015-16 for scores with a test date of 10/01/2015. I'm in the only school, not District. I'm mapping the fields. Any idea what I could be doing incorrectly? TIA!

Jane Campbell
Needy PS Admin
Marian High School
Tags: Test Scores
3 Responses to "Test scores not importing "

The headings for your scores must have _1for num,_2for percent, _3for alpha  So if you have reading and want the score in the NUM column heading must be Reading_1
If you have Math and want it in the Percent (Middle) Column it would be Math_2  and anything in Alpha Column would be anything_3  


That was it. Thanks, Suzanne! I thought since I was mapping it over to the "Num" option, I didn't need to worry about that. :-)

The _1 stuff changed in the last few years it use to not matter so I had the same issue you were having.  That is why I knew how to fix it.
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