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IMPORTANT: PowerSchool Update for ADVISER Action Items
This email is being sent to all PowerSchool districts.  The latest PowerSchool update has been released and does fix several issues.   However, there are some fields in PowerSchool that districts must update in order to successfully publish their Student and Student Enrollment data. 

The Reporting School 
This field  must be filled out for ALL students including students who transferred out during this school year i.e. summer transfers, and students in your non-public or services schools. 

The field is found on the State/Province – NE Student information page
Start Page > Student Selection > Nebraska State Information > Nebraska Student Information

You will need to enter in your 9 digit (no hyphens) district/school number in this field.  For example Waverly High School would enter 550145001 in this field for all their High School students.

Here is a link to a short video on how to mass update your Reporting School Information

The English Learner (EL)
 The English Proficiency field will also need to be updated as well.  Here is another quick video on how to search and mass update those students.

If you have not done so already please register for an ADVISER workday.

If you have any additional questions please work with your PowerSchool support 
cooperative or open a ticket with NDE at

Aimee Muehling 
Nebraska PowerSchool Cooperative
NebPS HelpDesk:
Office phone: 402-223-5277
Cell phone: 402-525-0698
9 Responses to "IMPORTANT: PowerSchool Update for ADVISER Action Items"

I want to make sure I understand the EL part first before I make mass changes... Currently all students enrolled at any time since the beginning year date need to be marked 11,12,13, or 14 in the field S_NE_STU_LEP_X.English_Prof

Current EL learners (receiving services) will be marked 11.  Students who have never been EL will be marked 14.  

Question of the day... we have students who still have this field set with 02, 03, 04, etc from previous years.  If we've updated ALL of our current EL students to 11, this means that any student with mark less than 11 should be marked as 13 (Reclassified as English Fluent) , shouldn't it?  

I didn't everything Amy said to do and my students are still not publishing.  Anyone else have any luck?
Bev Lauby

All mine finally published with zero errors or dependencies.  Try running all reports again from the top down. 

Our District Code starts with a ZERO and the new reporting field is dropping that leading zero - so it is only showing 8 digits for us.

This is being reported.

And we continue to have issues with getting our data to report.  Last year we literally had thousands of errors, this year we have thousands of dependencies.

I do not know how our Oct 1 data is going to be accurate (right now it shows 3 student enrollments published for Hastings)

Corrected Link for the EL Updates

If your district starts with a leading zero (don't know why the State thinks it is good practice to start values with a leading zero),  the PS field will drop the leading zero since it is an Integer field (numbers only) but it still should report with no problems.

Thanks, Wayne,

Yes, Max Reiner (NDE)  just got back to me and said the leading zeros should be fine.  


I am like you I cannot publish any student data, I have resubmitted from the top down, multiple times, and I have done all of the items Aimee listed.

When I selected RUN NOW instead of selecting Publish Missing - I selected Publish All which seemed to do the trick for us.
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