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ADVISER submission deadline
The message below was sent on the PS listserv at 12:20 today. Since some people are not subscribed to the listserv (highly recommend everyone subscribing to both), we are posting it here. To subscribe to the PS listserv, send an email to:

We expected to have received an email bulletin from NDE by now which would give you more information than what is stated below. The only thing I would add is it is my understanding from the call earlier today, NDE does not want districts to approve their data if it is not correct and changes will be submitted after today.


The VST (Virtual Support Team) had a call with NDE at 11:00.  We were told that you will see a notification come out today (via the NDE bulletin channel) with information on how/what to do if your data is not clean by end of the day.  They will still be taking the snapshot tonight at midnight but will allow a request to submit late data to clean up any existing errors pertinent to the fall window. They do NOT want you to submit your request until TOMORROW.

There will also be directions sent out on how to approve the collections if your district is ready to do that.

Hang in there everyone!!
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Here is the NDE Bulletin that was just sent out. I only included the text, so there are no images/screen shots.  If you didn't get the email containing the Bulletin and you want to get it or future bulletins, submit a ticket to NDE's Helpdesk.

District Administrator Approval for ADVISER Validation
PLEASE NOTE:  Administrators should not sign off on their Fall data until they are satisfied that the Fall reporting data is correct.

NDE will take a snapshot of the 18-19 ADVISER data at midnight tonight, this data will be used for state reporting purposes. Tomorrow in the ADVISER Validation website, Fall collection reports will have a new Reporting Window option called “As of October 1st (Locked)” which will display the data that was saved in the snapshot.

The District Administrator Sign-Off screen for ADVISER data is now available in ADVISER Validation. Only users marked as a District Administrator through the NDE Portal will be able to access the screen. To do so, click the new link in the ADVISER Validation menu:

Then after reading the statement, click the Edit button to activate the checkbox:

Then you will be able to check the box, and you must press Update to save your approval:

Request to Submit Data Late or Make Data Changes
We are aware that many districts are still working on correcting their data due to issues with their SIS vendors and due to how late some of the validation errors have been activated. If this applies to your district, starting tomorrow you may submit a “Request to Submit Data Late or Make Data Changes” form through the CDC in the NDE Portal  where you will be able to select “ADVISER” as the collection like below:

You only need to submit one request per district assuming you are able to document all of the changes that you will be making in that request. NDE may follow up if we need more details about the corrections. Under ADVISER, you will continue to be able to submit data from your SIS software to make corrections even after the snapshot has been taken. It is highly recommended that you will fix the data in your SIS so that the “As of October 1st” validation reports (the non-locked versions) look correct before NDE will follow through with your data change request and update your snapshot data to match. Please continue to work on your data just like you have been doing throughout the audit window.

If you have already approved your data in ADVISER, but will be submitting a data change request to make additional changes, you should contact the NDE help desk at to undo your original approval.

District Administrators Approval for NSSRS Validations
Finally, District Administrators will need to approve the data that has been submitted in the 2017-2018 Follow-Up Audit collection in the NSSRS Data Manager.  Only districts that have submitted data in this collection will need to approve the collection.

To Approve the 2017-2018 Follow-up Audit Collection: When logged onto the NDE Portal, click on the Student & Staff (NSSRS) tab, Click on the NSSRS Data Manager, Click on the Data Submission tab, Then select Data Approval.

Denise Schuyler
Data, Research, and Evaluation - NDE IT Helpdesk Specialist

Helpdesk:  888-285-0556 –
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