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Career Education
Can anyone tell me if ADVISER will automatically pull the Perkins info now or do we still need to populate the Special Programs page for Career Education reporting?

Thanks for any advise!
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With Adviser NDE will be able derive participants based off of student grades sent, so you will only need to report concentrators in special programs 

This is what I heard from our ESU:

Course sections should be marked for CTE this year and historically.
I believe they will be pulling Program Facts/Career Technical Education report from your PowerSchool.
Under each section there is a pull-down next to Program that has Career Education:

Marking this year's sections will give them participants, but I believe you will need to mark courses historically  to get concentrators.

Maybe I missed something. I wasn't aware that selecting Career Education in sections is necessary.

Sharon it isn't, you didn't miss anything (: Its my understanding it will be based off of course code and passing grade.  The marking on the section is not necessary

Thanks, Ellie.

I am going to chime in with a question about Concentrators.

So we will have to go back and enter any career ed special program for Seniors that would have made them a concentrator. Correct?
Also what if the have multiple areas they concentrated in?



Yes, you will have to decide which seniors are concentrators, which means you will have to create a CE Special Program record in PS. If they are concentrators in multiple areas, you decide which area you want them reported (ie the area selected in their one CE Special Program record). If you report a student as a concentrator in more than one area (ie multiple CE Special Program records), the State will decide which area to use.


At what point do we exit the Concentrators in PowerSchool?  I have all there information for the 18-19 updated, just don't want to miss putting the exit date in nor do I want to put the exit date in before it should be.

The entry and exit dates just have to be within your current years and terms. You can put in these dates at anytime.

Thank you Wayne.  What date do I use for this?  Their last day of attendance?
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