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Odyssey online class grades
I have been in denial but now it is crunch time.  In the past for our students that take online classes in Odyssey for credit, the high school secretary would enter their grades manually in historical grades.  I am understanding this year, these students need to be enrolled in a section to have the grades report correctly.  Do I have to create a new course/section for each of these classes then enroll the students in it?  Will it pull the manually entered grade?  This all so confusing and alot of work since we have so many unique online courses.  I have searched the PowerSchool and ADVISER documentation and have not found any guidance.  How are other schools handling this?

Thanks for any advice,
Bev Lauby
Lexington Schools
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Hi, Bev, We have had the same dilemma with Odyssey classes, but I did go ahead and create sections for them. It's definitely a pain, and a lot of times they show up as an error in ADVISER. 
I am definitely open to other ideas on how to improve this since we will have more and more students using this system for classes. 

We've been using Odyssey for quite some time now.  We use a container course and put the grade in when the student finishes.  Advisor still only needs grades at semester and pulls them from Historical Grades.  Wayne and Ellie may have a different answer but that is how we handle it.

I set up a unique teacher for our Odyssey where kids.  The teacher they have has other classes so I made the teacher her last name and grades. Ek, Grades
Then I created classes some I used our regular course numbers then had to creat new course using a unique numbering HS18000 so I new this is not a regular course my sections were ODW for S1 and ODW2 for S2 enrolled students then had the teacher open PTP and put in a Final Grade Override of the letter grade they earned.  I stored Grades without credit so our Counselor Staff could verify and enter the credits that were awarded.  Call me if you need any help

I think we have a system figured out for this, after working with Wayne and Ellie to understand it.  I wonder if anyone would be interested in joining a Zoom meeting next week and I could show you what we do? This also applies to summer school credit recovery.

If you'd like me to host a zoom and demonstrate, please send me an email at  Possible times would be morning or afternoon of Tues-Fri next week.  Please include your date/time preference in your email.  


That would be great Dave.  I will email you.
Bev Lauby

Here is a link for the zoom session this afternoon at 1:30.  It will be recorded and I'll post the link to the recording here as well, when it is uploaded.

Here is a link to the slide deck:

Here is a link to the recorded zoom session:
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