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Zero Hour
This year we are adding a zero hour into our class scheduling.  Not all students will have to sign up for a zero hour class.  For instance, the kids that play JH sports will sign up for the zero hour as part of their PE credits. Some of the zero hour classes will be for HS students as well.  Not sure how to set it up where the attendance data reflects that this is an extra period.  

Does anyone have any experience with setting up something like this in PS?  
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6 Responses to "Zero Hour"

Do no add the 0 period to the bell schedule. That will make it a non-attendance period. 

So, how should I add it in.  It will be classes that take attendance and grades.

I'm sorry, I misunderstood. If you are going to mark attendance in that class, this process would not work.  For me, I would assign those students a different FTE with a different attendance conversion to calculate the attendance correctly for those students.

OK.. that helps.  So my zero hour would be like hour 1 and the differences would be in the student FTE set up.  That would allow me to assign different students in different grade levels this set up versus the normal setup.  Or should I put the zero hour in as a different period code?

I'm not completely following your question but I think it is up to you. Do what makes sense to you and the other people that will be using this.  Me personally, I would think it would be confusing for people if some students had a 1st period and some did not. I would name it something that indicated it was a little out of the 'normal' schedule.  

OK.. that makes sense.  Thank you for your help!
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