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negative balance from last year can not charge a meal
Has anyone seen where students that have a negative balance from last year can not charge a meal - we started school yesterday and this is what the lunch program is telling me.

I was also told it will not take the A La Carte transactions - we did not make any changes from last year.

Thank you for any thoughts.

Kristy Kennedy
Hastings Publics Schools
Tags: PowerLunch  Online Payments  lunch
7 Responses to "negative balance from last year can not charge a meal "

now I am told no one can charge breakfast - I am working with PS now

Yes I had that called support and they said I customized it here is what she sent for me to fix.

I just compared my custom one and added what I customized to the new 19.4 page.

I found some information in the 19.4 Release Notes pertaining to LunchPower .... here's a snippet of that information:

This update will impact customers who have customized PowerLunch. The ~psn tag has been changed to ~[psn] on the following pages:
/admin/powerlunch/completesale.html /admin/powerlunch/completesale.deposit.html
These pages will not work correctly until the following is updated:
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="psn" VALUE="~psn">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="psn" VALUE="~[psn]">

Does anyone know if this issue will affect Marcia Brennar's Cafe plugin? Does this only affect students with negative balances?

It is any student that does not have any money in there account and they are reduced or full pay.

I would think Marcia Brenner would have an update for you if it does.

Yes it looks like those with a negative balance for sure and maybe zero money

Thanks for the info I will let support know

SUSAN do you happen to have a Case Number??

Yes here is the case number 04613180

RevTrak sent this response"
t looks like the link we had set up on our back end was for an outdated server. We have updated this to the current link, and it now appears to be working. 

While I was updating this information, I noticed that you are using version 19.4.1 of PowerSchool, which unfortunately has a bug with the RevTrak software that causes food payments not to post back to PowerSchool. 

We worked with PowerSchool to release an updated version, 19.4.2, this rectified this issue. In order for your payments to post correctly, you will need to update your PowerSchool version to 19.4.2.
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