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Honor Roll not Calculating and giving results
I have went through all the steps to calculate honor roll, and my report comes back blank.  I know that is not correct.  Can anyone help point me in the right direct?  I have checked to make sure my GPA calculations are in and they are.  
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10 Responses to "Honor Roll not Calculating and giving results"

If your coding for pulling honor roll includes a reference to a specific term (Q1 I'm guessing), be sure your Current Grade Display (under School>Grading) for the affected school is also set to Q1).

And that might be something you already have in place.  If so, never mind.

Also, if you have a year in your calculation, make sure it is updated for 2019.

Thank you, I never thought about ensuring the current display was set correctly.   I will try that. 

I can get all but my Jr. high students to pull.  Any other suggestions?

There are many things that could cause this issue, so it is hard tell without seeing your setup. Like you mentioned, checking the GPA calculation is the first place I would look.

Blank stored grades, depending on how the GPA calculation is setup, can cause students to not make the HR.

What are your requirements for HR? Are you calculating off of stored grades or from the gradebook?  What are your query options in the GPA calculation?

I'm pretty sure the Current Grade Display does not affect the Honor Roll calculation.

This won't necessary solve your problem, but I recommend setting up a GPA calculation for each reporting term, so each one queries a specific term, then also setup a Honor Roll calculation for each term. The Honor Roll calculations will be identical except for the GPA Calculation it uses. This takes some work to setup, but once it is setup you never have to touch it even when the term changes.

Wayne, Can I email you some screen shots?  I am beyond frustrated at this point. 

This morning (my mind is clearer in the morning) I was thinking about HR and the Current Grade Display. Ray is correct, the Current Grade Display will affect the HR if the GPA Calculation's type is set to Current. I don't use Current as the type for GPA Calculations that are used for HR and would recommend using Cumulative so it pulls from stored grades, but if you do use Current as the type in the GPA Calculation, it will run off the Current Grade Display value. Thanks Ray for the lesson.

Coleen, send your screen shots to the Powerschool list serve at Good chance some else has had your problem or will have your problem and we can all look at it.

Awesome, thanks!  Its just strange that some pull and others do not. I also noticed that there is the [i] showing on some of the students grades.  Will this affect and how can I correct it. 

The [i] you see is in Quick Lookup and represents no grades in the teacher gradebook for that student. That shouldn't have any affect on your HR.

A dash (-) in Historical Grades means a record got stored with a blank grade with a  percent of zero. This can cause problems depending on how the Exclude values are set.
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