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Crisis Event
Can anyone tell me if we actually need to complete the new Crisis Event Page for each student?  If we do can you please tell me if that can be done with fill Field Value or an Import.  I found the export fields but cannot get the information to import back in.  It appears to me that when you create a Crisis Event it assigns a Crisis Event Student DCID (that is completely different from the DCID or ID) and Event ID and I cannot find the table to import the information back in.  Thank you for ANY help with this!
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Hello Kris,

Sheri Schultis was nice enough to walk me through it. The easiest way to make sure you are working with all of the correct fields and tables is to manually enter the data on 1 student.

Then go to: Start Page > Special Functions > Importing & Exporting

Select Data Export Manager

For Category Choose: Database Extensions

In the Export from find: S_STU_CRISISEVENT_C

Select all of the fields from that extension and export.

You will now have the template you need for your import.

The only fields you need to fill data in are:


Leave the rest blank.

Once you have all your data filled in go to: Start Page > Special Functions > Importing & Exporting

Choose Data Import Manager

Select your file

You only need to map from your file the fields I listed above.


Your all set then.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you so much for this info but I still seem to be confused. 

Is there a difference between STUDENTS.DCID and S_STU_CRISISEVENT_C.StudentsDCID?  How do I find either?

There is no difference, The Student.DCID is used for the S_STU_CRISISEVENT_C.StudentDCID.

If you export out all of your students via quickexport, and check the box to include DCID, that ID is what you will use to import into that table.

Got it!  Thank you!!!

One additional question.  How do I get this info to publish to ADVISER?

You just need to publish the Enrollment and Demographics  again, it is apart of that profile.

OK, will do, thanks again!

Do we need to do this?  Last I heard was there will be a way for ADVISER to default all students.
Bev Lauby

That is what I thought but I received this from Denise Schuyler from the NDE:

"NDE is totally expecting that every Nebraska student will be reported with the Crisis Event "COVID-19". 

Is there a description from PS on how to do this that has more details?  I can get the template to export but I am not sure what all I need to do after that.  

All you need to do then is export your student DCID from Powerschool,(do a quick export using lastfirst and check the "Export DCID" box on the quick export page) then copy and paste the DCID into your template.  Then fill down your Dates and Event information, save as text file and import in using Data import manager.

Re-Publish your Enrollment and Demographics info and you should be set.

What should you use as the start and end date for the crisis fields?

I used the first day we were physically out of the building and the actual last day of school.
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