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NSSRS - Reporting out-of-level-assessments
This is more of an NSSRS question than it is a PS question, so I'll apologize for that in advance.

We had a couple of high school kids move in from elsewhere in the state and their old school sent along their assessment data. One of them is a Junior and has quite a number of grade 11 assessments completed.

Am I responsible for reporting those or is the old school? I think that they are, but my admin thinks that we do it. The bigger question probably aims more at the younger sibling. When he gets to be a Junior, do we act like those were our assessments or not?

And how about other out-of-level assessments for kids that have moved? Someone who took something in Algebra I in 9th grade and then moved away? They wouldn't be in my student report, so if I add them to the assessment reports, I'm going to get an error.

I'm not sure how to handle this and would like some input as to how other schools are handling it.


Peggy Medema
1 Response to "NSSRS - Reporting out-of-level-assessments"

I visited with our curriculum director to try and find you an answer and here is what she told me:  It was her understanding that the 11th grader will be reported at his old school for the assessments he took while at the old school, for the ones he didn't take they will mark them with an "M" for moved.  You will mark the ones that he takes at your school with the scores he receives and mark the ones that he took at his pervious school with an "M".  So both schools old and new will report on him for the assessments that he completed in their school.

Now on to the younger brother, depending on his grade may be the key to your answer.   She said she would always "Bank" results of any student who took assesments in her school, (even if they transfered in) for future use.  Because the STARS reporting will be phased out and replaced.   She thought your best bet on the younger brother would be to call the help desk and talk to them.  Pam Tagert is always my go to girl, she does a super job of answering my questions.  

Hope this helps!!!
Lori Holmstedt
Paxton Schools

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