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Java Update and PTG 1.5
There was a previous post about Java update 11 and not to install it because it would cause PTG issues.  While this did not affect us it seems the latest release of Java 1.6.0_12 for windows does.  I have verified this on multiple systems.
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2 Responses to "Java Update and PTG 1.5"

I am looking for places to learn some basic JAVA so I can do some java customizations in PowerSchool.  There are lots of sessions at PSU that deal with JAVA and I would like to take these classes.  However, I would like a basic foundation before going to PSU so I don't waste my time in the class.

Brian, I was at PSu this summer and took the basic and inter on java. I have very little coding experience except for html and basic, basic DOS (yes a long time ago). It was easy. They really build from one lesson to the next. They had us doing some pretty cool things that in my classes and then idea's just started to fly around. I would not worry at all about it. 
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