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Scheduling for 2009-2010
Hello Everyone,

My counselor is scheduling for next year.  It is not allowing her to enroll students.   With out doing the year end process is there something else she can do to start enrolling?
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If you are wanting to enroll students into courses for next year, you will have to setup a Load in PowerScheduler. There are a few steps involved with this.  PowerSource KB articles 6305 & 6750

You cannot schedule students on the live side for next year until you move into next year.  Even if you do not use Preschooler to create your schedule you need to set it up for scheduling if you want to enter schedules before you preform the EOY process. 

You may want to check knowledgebase article 55644 on PowerSource for additional info.  Use the Load only process.  Let me know if I can help you.

Good luck!
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